Increase Sales By Understanding That Cold Calling Goes Beyond the Telephone

Cold calling is viewed by many as calling strangers on the telephone. Having a father who was a professional sales person, his belief was that cold calling began by knocking on doors. Using the telephone was for wimps, those who couldn’t stomach the reality of face to face rejection.

Recently, I came to realize how pervasive this belief is. Part of my marketing activities includes Internet article marketing. In submitting to one site, article categories sometimes are changed by the editors. I had submitted several articles on cold calling within the category of sales and then discovered that the category had been changed to sales teleselling. Even the editors at this article directory believed that cold calling was only for the telephone.

In this age of high powered electronics from email to cell phone to landlines, sales people have become somewhat insulated from the real world. The thought of physically cold calling by knocking on a door leaves many salespeople actually sick.

However, if we accept the premise that we drive by more business than we will ever get what is keeping us from just stopping by business, knocking on the door and getting to know the person inside? Since business today is just about if not more so about relationships, then isn’t face to face a much better way to begin that relationship?

So why the fear of the face to face meetings? Probably that fear of cold calling goes back to your childhood when you were conditioned not to strangers especially if a place you were not invited.

Yet, we meet and even talk strangers all the time on the streets. We smile at them and mean even say good day to them. However when we begin to connect that stranger to an actual physical activity of cold calling suddenly our behavior changes.

Why not take a change to begin to increase sales by just stopping by someplace and see what happens. One of my clients has adopted this cold calling strategy on a weekly basis and is getting one new client every quarter. So it does work, all you have to do is give it a try.